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Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications, WLUSP, is Laurier’s offical autonomous, student-run media organization. A non-profit corporation, WLUSP is best known for the publications it produces that serve both campuses. Over the past eighty years, Student Publications has been proud to produce award-winning, relevant media that both informs and entertains the Laurier community. In Brantford, our publications include The Sputnik (newspaper), The Carnegie (yearbook), and Radio Laurier (Radio Station). We also have a full web and photo department.

** Please keep in mind that these applications are due March. 11, 2011 by noon. The applications once completed should be e-mailed to*

Advertising Coordinator

A WLUSP position, this person works to ensure that people buy ads from us – for The Sputnik, The Carnegie and some of our other, smaller publications, like The Orbiter handbook; deals with present clients (i.e. makes sure they’re happy and buying ads regularly), but also actively, constantly finds new clients; lots of “cold calling” and meeting with clients, this is a business-related position; may hire a small staff; attends regular meetings.

Art Editor

Creates hand-drawn art, typically done digitally, to accompany stories; may hire a very small staff to manage; attends regular meetings.

Apply here.

Copy Editor

Edits every story before it reaches the desk of the EIC; editing for grammar, punctuation and also some light fact-checking is required; must have an excellent working knowledge of the English language, CP Style.

Apply here.

Managing Editor

A managerial role; more involved in the day-to-day operations of The Sputnik; works very closely with the EIC to run the paper, determine its vision/direction, implement strategies to get toward that goal, etc.

Apply here.

Photo Editor

This is not a Sputnik-specific role, but rather one for WLUSP; the photo editor works to take appropriate images to accompany stories that appear in The Sputnik, but is also responsible for taking photos for The Carnegie, our yearbook; hires and manages a staff of photographers; should have an excellent grasp of how to operate a camera but more importantly, a great understanding of how to create a good photo; intermediate knowledge of Photoshop is a must; attends regular meetings.

Apply here.

Print Production Manager

Creates, lays out and designs the entire newspaper for each issue; works in InDesign primarily, though knowledge of Photoshop and/or Illustrator is helpful; works essentially two days every two weeks – two production days, which are about 6-8 hours in length each; attends regular meetings.

Apply here.

Section Editor

Maintains, manages and sets the vision for a particular section (News, Student Life, Opinion, A&E, Features or Sports); hires and manages a small staff of writers; attends regular bi-weekly editorial board meetings, general staff meetings; keeps in close contact with writers, fellow editors, EIC/Managing Editor; writes stories; etc.

Apply here.

Web Editor

Maintains and manages all of our online arms –, our Facebook and Twitter accounts; ensures each is updated frequently, accurately and quickly; attends regular meetings; some knowledge of HTML is helpful, as is a good grasp of social media and how to make it effective for an organization (i.e. promotionally, functionally).

Apply here.


This is a new and somewhat undeveloped position but essentially, the videographer documents (via film) events or stories, edits them and uploads them to YouTube; should have a working knowledge of small-to-medium cameras (i.e. not the large, bulky, professional cameras), as well as knowledge of how to edit videos expertly; attends regular meetings.

We also hire Writers and Photographers, though they will be hired in September.

These are very basic outlines of these positions and may change when the new EIC is hired, as they typically dictate the responsibilities for each position when they come on board.

Further applications can be found at


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