The Sexual Awakening Centre talks sex

In two weeks time, the first ever Sextravaganza will be held on campus to allow students, probably like you, to come together and talk about sex, sex and more sex! The event will feature seminars hosted by the Sexual Awakening Centre (SAC) where instructors refer to themselves as “sexual adventure guides” and hold nothing back when it comes to talking about everyone’s favourite topic.

I caught up with Atia and Gaia of the SAC via Skype while they were in Ottawa filming two of their new instructional videos. These aren’t your typical how-to guides – not even close. These videos feature the women explaining (and demonstrating) the ins and outs of everything from masturbation, sex toys and even female ejaculation.

It’s hard for me to not be a bit jealous of them. I’ve always thought of myself as a liberal, sexual being, but the way they exude confidence and sexuality far surpasses anything I’m currently capable of. Atia explains how she reached a mature state of ease with her body and sexuality.

“My sexual revolution came from having a really loving partner,” says Atia. “After that partnership, I learned to communicate with myself about my needs and desires and to become open to those needs and desires whether they were explicitly sexual or not. I wanted to fulfill my fantasies of learning how to give great blowjobs or wanting to role-play. I started that after I already had a safe place to explore.”

This idea of needing a safe, comfortable relationship to grow sexually is reiterated by Gaia, who recalls a partner that really emphasized the importance of understanding oneself and one’s partner.

“I had a partner whose whole goal was to give me the ultimate orgasm until I passed out,” says Gaia. “He was always about exploration and sex being fun so I feel really blessed that that was my introduction to healthy sexuality.”

All this talk about sex left me with some questions I knew I needed answers to.

One I was itching to ask was: what’s better for female masturbation—fingers or vibrator?

“Neither is better – they’re totally different,” says Gaia. “A vibrator can help get you over the edge the first time because of the intensity. No tongue, no finger in the world can move as fast as a vibrator or give you that sensation, but that’s not to say that fingers aren’t fantastic as well. If you’re masturbating, you’re experiencing the pleasure of your fingers, but you’re also experiencing the warmth and wetness and the entire sensory exploration that comes along with that.”

Some people may squirm when they hear such explicit description of masturbation (although I’m sure none of those people are reading Sex 101), but it’s this kind of openness and attention to detail when talking about sex that has allowed for their client base to continue to expand and has made them a force to be reckoned with in the field of sex.

But don’t just take my word for it. The ladies will be hosting seminars at Sextravaganza on February 16th, come on out and see if you can handle it.


L: What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made during sex or a sexual relationship?
G: …We’re talking about sex too much. laughter
A: Probably sleeping with three different men of three different friends—in one week.
G: Then I’m going to go in line with that: don’t have an affair, especially with your friend’s boyfriend.

L: What’s the most frequent question you get about oral sex?
A: “As a woman, how do I let go and have an orgasm while my partner is eating me out?” Another big one for women is wanting to know how to deepthroat.

L: Favourite unusual place to have sex?
G: A handicap washroom.

L: First thing you do after sex?
G: I go pee.
A: That’s the first thing? The very first thing I do is roll over and go, “Oh my God.”
G: Ya, me too—then I go pee.

L: Favorite part about sex?
A: My favorite part about sex is that it’s technically limitless and without end—meaning pleasure is limitless and without end.

L: Tell me about the Let’s Get Dirty Soirees you do?
A: They are fun, sensual parties that bring together groups of people to play and get dirty in clay to make hard cocks. Hard, functioning, organic orgasms.

L: Best pick up line used on you that actually worked?
A: “Is your father a thief? No. Are you sure? Then who stole the twinkle from the stars and put them in your eyes?”

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