Youth Trends


A Spanish clothing store offered a bizarre but successful bargain to their first 100 shoppers: come semi-naked and go home dressed for free. Several young shoppers camped outside the store in their underwear the night before the bargain began to ensure they’d get free outfits. The goal of the event was to lure out shoppers in the tough economic climate. Considering the coverage from several major media networks, it seems safe to say the event was successful.


According to a recent study by the UK National Office of Statistics, the secret to living happy is having a job or more specifically, job security. This isn’t good news for most job-seeking university students having a rough time in current markets, or the UK National Office of Statistics, for that matter. They’re facing severe budget cutbacks.


University of Waterloo engineers have honoured their own very special mascot for 44 years this September, a 60-inch wrench aptly named “The Tool.” The Tool can only be touched by engineering students with Iron Rings, which are given to engineering students upon completing their degrees. To ensure The Tool’s safety, a team of anonymous engineering students known as the Tool Bearers guard it while wearing coveralls and hard hats. The security is top-notch: The Tool was stolen only once, in 1981, when a group of anonymous students hid it for over two months.

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