A Revolution in Flirting

We’ve all been there before: you see someone you think is cute and want to approach them but you’re too afraid of rejection—among other things. Recently, I stumbled onto a website called likealittle.com. It’s a place where students can go to post sightings of people that they’ve deemed “cute” on campus in hopes of a possible love connection or for some shameless flirting. Most universities in Canada have a page for their school and when a user posts, they are required to give vital information to help identify their crush: the gender, hair colour, where the person was spotted on campus and a brief sentence or two expressing how you feel about them.

Not surprisingly, the website amped up in popularity around the time of exams and it was apparent that there were plenty of students looking for a way to kill time and de-stress.

Once a member has made an account, they receive the name of a fruit (grape, cranberry, blueberry, etc.) which shows when they post. One of the creators of the website, Evan Reas, explained that the fruit names are “just a fun way to differentiate anonymous people. It keeps things fun and positive.”

When asked about where the idea for this website originated, Reas said that it comes from a genuine desire to improve human communication.

“[We] all thought that there was no way to effectively and non-awkwardly communicate with people that are around us every day and we wanted a way to lower that fear of rejection,” says Reas. “Flirting is one of these human interactions that we wanted to make easier and more fun, mostly because we have all been in situations where we did not tell somebody that we liked them because we were unsure what they thought.”

Currently, the site’s Wilfrid Laurier University page does not have a section for the Brantford campus. However, more and more people on Facebook from LB are starting to “like” the likealittle.com page (which has almost 20,000 overall) and I can only speculate that as its popularity continues to climb on our campus, Reas and his collaborators will get the hint.

Next time you see that cute guy at the library or the hot girl in class but just don’t have the courage to speak to them, have a visit to likealittle.com and tell them there. You never know—they could be one click away.

At AC: Male, Brunette. hottest guy writing north American studies final today…guy in the hat…so hot…eye f’d you the whole time..might have failed cause of you, thanks

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