Sex 101: Is anal in?

I must admit that I am an anal virgin. Mostly because I’m afraid of some sort of poop incident and the traumatic implications it could have on my sex life, but also because I didn’t think it was an essential to an amazing orgasm. Until recently, I thought most women were with me on this one but I’ve come to find out that I’m a dying breed.

According to the Journal of Sexual Medicine, 20 per cent of women aged 18 to 19 say they’ve had anal sex but by the time they hit 20 to 24, that number jumps to 40 per cent. And these ladies aren’t doing the butt bang one time in a drunken haze; they’re consistently incorporating it into their sex lives.

So what’s the deal with all this anal? Apparently, it’s the awesome orgasm. The same study found that among the women surveyed, only 65 per cent reach orgasm when they did the bang-a-rang in the vajay, but almost all the broads who took it in the butt got off (94 per cent). My interest was officially piqued with that last statistic so for the safety of your butt (and potentially mine), I did a bit of research and compiled some of the top suggestions for a safe transition into some backdoor lovin’.

Start on the outside and work your way in

Gentlemen, don’t think you can just pretend that it slipped out and then accidentally went in the wrong hole—we’re on to you. Just like with vaginal sex, make sure you incorporate some anal foreplay. There’s nothing wrong with a finger here or lick there to set the mood. This will create a relaxing atmosphere which is the most important element for sexual success. If she’s not relaxed, you’re not getting in.

Lube, lube and more lube

This is not a joking matter – lubrication is a must during anal sex. If you rip her ass apart like it’s a parking ticket, there’s little to no chance you are getting in there again. So make sure to stock up on your lubricants. If the opportunity for ass arises at a time when there’s no lube, don’t be scared to use some homemade or household products like massage oils or some good ol’ Jergens. Try to stick to water-based products because lubes like Vaseline will degrade the condom, making it less effective.

Eat healthy

As disgusting as this sounds, you don’t want to a… “full ass” when your partner is performing behind you – and he feels the same way. A high-fibre diet will help you along with that. If you want to be really cautious, you can even go so far as to get an enema which will essentially void your butt of any excess waste.

So there you have it – these are essentially the ins and outs of how to have good anal sex. Now get out there, and join the masses in the quest for awesome anal. I know I will.

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