Classic Albums Live Thriller: The King of Pop Lives on

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, may be gone but his legend lives on through his music. His famous songs are not only played and heard on the radio, but are also played by tribute bands all around the world. Classic Albums Live is one of these bands, but elevated to the nth degree in terms of attention to detail and accurate re-creation. On January 27th, the group will be making their tribute performance Thriller on the Sanderson Centre stage in Brantford Ontario.
This Toronto-based band has travelled all around North America conducting tributes to over fifty albums, including Dark Side of the Moon, Hotel California, Back in Black and their most recent tribute to Thriller. Last year, Classic Albums Live performed at the Sanderson, delivering a stunning rendition of hits from 70’s super group, Supertramp.

Craig Martin, a Canadian musician who has in the past produced many different types of cabaret shows in addition to composing music for television and film, created and funded the Classic Albums Live series in 2003. The group includes many diverse types of performers in their concerts. The band sings and performs alongside orchestras and choirs and occasionally include more famous Canadian artists in addition to local bands.

This band and other tribute bands go to extreme lengths to fully recreate the thrilling and epic moments that were once lived by famous artists. Their upcoming show in Brantford will bring rebirth to the Michael Jackson fans and admirers from Canada.

So grab your white sequined glove, red and black leather jacket and moonwalk your way to the Sanderson Centre in downtown Brantford on January 27th at 8:00 p.m.

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