Is our O is better than your Ohhh?

For me, the main priority of sex is the orgasm. There’s nothing that makes me angrier than being engaged in a sensual and erotic moment, only to have my guy (how do I politely say this…?) “finish” before me. It’s just not fair!

It’s obvious that men and women experience sex differently, but what does this mean for our orgasms? Who gets the most out of a quickie? Does he ever fake it? And the most important question of all—whose is better?

So here’s a breakdown of the big “O” so you can see how you stack up against the opposite sex.

The Quick’n’Easy O

Alright guys, you win. It’s easier for men to reach orgasm since, for you, sex goes something like: pump, pump, pump—pleasure! Most women, however, can’t reach an orgasm through penetration and often need clitoral stimulation.
Winner: Men

The Multiple O

Regardless of age, 10 to 15 percent of women can have multiple orgasms without having a rest in between and without loss of arousal. Men are usually satisfied after one orgasm, which is good because that’s all their body can handle. When a guy says, “Give me a minute, I’m recovering,”—he means it. He’s in the refractory period where it is impossible for further orgasm or ejaculation.
Winner: Women

No O

Do you ever hear a word and automatically think it must mean something awesome? That’s what I thought when I first heard the word “anorgasmia.” Then I found out that it refers to people who are unable to have orgasms and that one in five women say they suffer from it. So, not only do we bleed for seven days of the month, but now you’re telling me that 1/5th of us can’t come? God really is a man.
Winner: Men

The Fake O

We all know she fakes it from time to time, but did you know he does it to? In a study of college students, 25% of the men admitted to having faked their orgasm with the number one reason being they thought it was unlikely and wanted sex to end. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the biggest reason for women faking it was to spare their partner’s feelings.
Winner: No One

The Big Bang O

It may be easier for men to have an orgasm, but when they do it only lasts 10 to 13 seconds. Women’s orgasms can last double or triple that length and unlike the male orgasm, women can feel different types of climaxes such as clitoral or vaginal.
Winner: Women

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