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Andrew Shirvell, an assistant Attorney General in Michigan, was fired earlier this month after targeting the openly gay student body president at the University of Michigan. The Washington Post reports that Shirvell believed that the student body president, Chris Armstrong, had a “radical homosexual agenda.”

Although Shirvell claimed he was simply practicing free speech, the school decided it was harassment after he showed up at Armstrong’s home three separate times, once at 1:30AM. He also appeared at campus events with signs that read “RACIST” and “LIAR.”

Shirvell, who is a University of Michigan alumnus, is now allowed back on the campus after being banned back in early September. However, the former assistant Attorney General is prohibited from making physical or verbal contact with Armstrong.


Fried chicken powerhouse KFC has unveiled plans to award $20,000 toward one high school student’s college tuition for the best tweet the company receives. KFC is not new to college scholarships but instead of filling out applications this year, one of the company’s 75 scholarships will be based on the best 140-character tweet. The winner will be chosen based on 40 percent creativity, 30 percent need and 30 percent drive, and will be announced December 1. Not a bad way to get some much needed cash for school, so get tweeting!

Just Plain Weird

Four Loko, a caffeinated alcoholic beverage, has been banned in four U.S. states and prohibited on many university campuses. The drink itself is the equivalent of four cans of beer and five cups of coffee. Add in the cheap price of $2.50 and this drink became a college favourite.

But the real danger with Four Loko is that with the added caffeine, the consumer doesn’t feel as drunk as they actually are. The concern about these drinks came after many university students were admitted to the emergency room after blacking out in conjunction with their consumption of Four Loko. Early in October this year, 17 students from Ramapo College in New Jersey were hospitalized after consuming Four Loko at a party.

Just last week, the FDA has stepped in and banned the beverage. It will not allow the drink back on the market until they are made without the caffeine – a ruling that Phusion Projects, the makers of Four Loko, has said they will abide by.

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