Make Your Exit Makes Its Entrance to Brantford

If indie rock bands are your scene, then Toronto-based Make Your Exit is one to check out. A distinct experimental sound is prominently displayed in the band’s eclectic mix of songs that have you tapping your foot one minute and entranced by the lyrics the next.

Make Your Exit has been together since 1999 but for the past two years, they’ve begun to take the band a bit more seriously—with a renewed focus on the music.

But the guys are careful to promise listeners they haven’t strayed too far from their original passion – playing live shows and finding joy in their own music.

“It isn’t a glitzy life, but we’re happy with our progress,” says saxophone player for Make Your Exit, Oliver Pauk.

Proving themselves to be a down-to-earth collection of talented musicians, Pauk says of their biggest goals is to always ensure the audience is being entertained by their live show and their quality of music. Pauk says that he feels “fortunate to play music and we enjoy doing it.”

For him, success for their band comes in a different form than it does for most others.

“[It] is enjoying your life and if you achieve happiness by what you’re doing, then you’ve already achieved success.”

Make Your Exit will be playing in Brantford at Two Doors Down on December 3rd.

This might be the last night to go out and have some real fun before exams takes over your life. So do yourself a favour and make the short trip down the road to enjoy some awesome and lively entertainment.

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