Top 10 student-friendly pick-up sports

So you are settling into university living just fine, and you and your new roommates are looking for a way to burn off some energy or to get the floor together for an outdoor meet ‘n’ greet. The following list contains 10 sports that are easy (and cheap!) to set up and play with a small group of people, and are fun to play, regardless of your talent level.

1.) Volleyball: All it takes is a cheap net that you can set up and fold down, and a ball. Get 8 or 10 people down onto the grass, and you’ll be bumping and setting all day long. Or, just head over to Wilkes House and get a game going there.

2.) Basketball: Grab a ball and head down to either the court at Wilkes House or an outdoor one (there are many around) and shoot some hoops. You can play 1-on-1, HORSE, 21 or any other variety of games with just two people. Or, gather up some more people and get a real game going.

3.) Rugby: It’s a sport that intimidates many who are unsure of the rules but rugby is really quite simple, and can be fun for a group of six or more. Just find a patch of grass, read up on the rules and away you go.

4.) Tennis: A proposed new tennis club at Laurier Brantford could convince more students to bring their racquets to campus. Figure out if you want to play singles or doubles, grab your racquet, a can of balls, and head to the courts for a fun game which does wonders in terms of cardio.

5.) Soccer: Soccer is low on this list largely because, to get an actual game going requires a good number of people. The only equipment needed is a ball, making it a great choice for all.

6.) Frisbee golf: Mohawk Park, just up Colborne Street, has a terrific Frisbee golf course set up, which is a fun sport for any number of people. As long as everyone has their own Frisbee, the “holes” are already set-up.

7.) Football: Ahh, the great game of football. Get a couple of friends together, grab the pigskin, decide where the endzones are and then battle for dominance of the campus gridiron.

8.) Hockey: Although it’s more restricted to the winter, the City of Brantford sets up a beautiful outdoor rink when the temperature drops, in the centre of Harmony Square, right on campus. While hockey is forbidden during skating hours, after 10 can hit the ice and play Canada’s game. However, if aching to play earlier than that, Lions Park (located just across the Coloborne St. bridge) has a state-of-the-art ball hockey rink.

9.) Ultimate: Much like its predecessors, football and rugby, ultimate is a game that’s all about running and catching. All you need is a Frisbee and some open space, and you are set.

10.) Wiffleball: Maybe the only sport on the list that you’re unfamiliar with. Wiffleball is much like baseball. By using perforated balls and a plastic bat, you can play with two or three people per team. Sets can be bought at Wal-Mart, and you can use something like a lawn chair as a strike zone. Since the game uses ghostrunners, no real physical exertion is necessary, making it a good choice for a sunny day when you want to have a couple beers and play a sport of some sort. The rules are really quite simple and can be found online.

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