Flashing back to O-Week ’09

Before the first day of university actually begins, there’s a week of fun activities available exclusively for first-year students: Orientation Week, also known as “O-Week.” During O-Week, you get an opportunity to meet tons of wonderful people such as your Ice Breakers, who will guide you to various activities throughout the week, to all the first-years on campus! A special theme is held every year, and the theme for 2009 was “Transform Your Destiny” that included Green Zombies, Gold Mummies, Red Werewolves, and Blue Vampires.
Let’s take a closer look at Orientation Week 2009 to see what kind of activities you may encounter this fall:

Uh-Oh: Yep, just like the game show on YTV.
Shinearama: A charity event aimed at raising money to support the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.
Cheer Off: The ultimate decisive battle to decide which team is the best!
Black Light Party: All the first-years hop into a bus and head to Jackhammer’s Night Club for a fun night of partying!
Special Event: In 2009, Mariana’s Trench along with Inward Eye performed at Jackhammer’s Night Club.

Don’t forget that there are a couple things you may want to bring with you to O-Week: lots of sunscreen, food and water, and clothing that match your team’s colours. But most of all bring an enthusiastic attitude and a willingness to socialize. O-Week is something you don’t want to miss!

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