Your world is about to be invaded

When starting your university career, there are droves of new things that come your way. New school, new classrooms, and sometimes, a new city.
However, the thing that the majority of people look forward to is the moving out. All of us finally get to leave our childhood bedroom which may still have the dinosaur wallpaper up from when you were a kid and you can finally escape those parents who are constantly asking you where you’re going and when you’ll be home.
Such a big step towards adulthood is not without some scary parts.
The roommate(s): “Will they be cool? Will they like me? What if they’re slobs?”
These along with many other worries buzz in the head of anyone who’s going to be living with a stranger for the first time, but you need not worry. Having a roommate may make you nervous now but there are bright sides. In fact, some of the best friendships are forged this way.
But let’s be honest: things won’t always be peachy, or even predictable. To get a good idea of what you’re getting yourself into, check out some of these 100% true roommate stories:

One night me and a friend from downstairs were bored and studying was not an option. So we dick around a bit, play some X-Box, watch some TV and wander around Post House. On the way up, we swing by my apartment to find my drunk roommate lying on the floor playing/acting out a Pokemon battle BY HIMSELF. We died laughing. I now know his favorite pokemon is Squirtle.

On St. Patrick’s Day, my roommate (like everyone) got quite drunk. Unfortunately, he over did it and threw up all over our room – all over the sink, the carpet, the kitchen floor, etc. Here’s where it gets a little effed: He then proceeded to yak all over his bed. Being too drunk and out of it to change sheets, he slept in it. Yep. True story. To top it off, he woke up the next morning and just waltzed out of the room without even bothering to make any cleaning attempt.

Well, our community got together for a party one night and our floormate got extremely wasted. He ran out into the hall and passed out while running, landed flat on his face and broke his nose. Everyone present that night was scared shitless because he was passed out, pouring blood from his nose and was 180 pounds of dead weight to carry back in the apartment. Luckily, he was fine in the morning. Except for a bruised face.

My roommate and I were getting sick of the slob we were living with. She was from Jamaica and she was a kickboxer. My roommate confronted her in the hall between our rooms and told her she wasn’t comfortable living in filth. She was really unimpressed with this and things escalated out of control and soon enough our roommate’s friend, who was visiting from Jamaica, was holding her back as I held my friend in a full-nelson. All I kept thinking was “please god, don’t let this become a brawl, that girl is going to punish me.” Luckily, the fight got no further than some vicious words (“sleep with your door locked, bitches” – which we did) and some bruised shins (from all the flailing legs). Oh, and she managed to keep the common areas of the house clean from that day forward. Mission accomplished.

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