Polishing Children

I remember the days when preschools were supposed to be fun, but now it seems more modern versions would much rather build better citizens for the future then promote laughter while learning. Montessori daycares seem to fit into this peculiar category. In essence, it is a program for children which attempts to build a solid moral foundation for them, as well as a certain level of refinement. This notion doesn’t seem so unreasonable – what does bother me first and foremost though is the excessive cost associated with this type of schooling.

Most parents I know don’t have $5000-8000 available to pay for a preschool program. Personally, when looking at the program, I don’t see anything so exceptional that I’d think it necessary to splurge on this. In the end, I believe it has been elevated through these catch phrases, through this notion that it is somehow more refined or more specialized because of the extra money it costs. Every shred of evidence I’ve seen tells me this is not so.

The second major issue is the daily schedule purposed. I can’t imagine such a rigid schedule being reasonably compatible with the erratic and sometimes chaotic nature of children. On some level, I know that it’s a teacher’s job to tame this but to try to “culture” these children so thoroughly with a purposed drum circle and all – it seems that the real essence of being a kid is lost somewhere within this mix.

In the end, I’m really not one hundred percent against Montessori schools. Do I think they’re ruining children? No, I don’t. Do I think they’re superior institutions that polish our children and turn them into mega successes? I don’t think that either. The truth, I think, lies somewhere in the middle.

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