Sex 101

For this Valentine’s Day issue, I’m keeping this sex-tion fun and interesting by showing off some stories submitted by students right here on campus. Let’s raise a glass to the bar stars, walks of shame and loud fucking that made this article possible.

Raps Where It’s At

“I lived in Rizzo my first year and the building is notorious for noise. Prior to Laurier, I never really listened to much rap or hip hop, but my neighbor above me certainly did. He seemed to have a fetish for loud, vulgar rap music paired with a good session of sex. To this day, I can’t help but laugh when I hear some of the songs that I learned through the ceiling of my rez room. I feel that I should also thank him for my new found interest in ‘dirty’ hip hop and rap music!”

Walk of Shame

“Everyone at Laurier knows that Thursday night is the time to get a little crazy. One night, my girlfriends and I went out and had an epic time. Fortunately for me I found a boy and went home with him. Unfortunately I am notorious for forgetting/losing my keys and this night was no different. Flash-forward to the next morning: I got out of his car wearing one of his t-shirts, a pair of sweats and red high heels. My day kept getting better because not only was I locked out of my room but there was also a book sale in the lobby and about 50 students waiting to get into their class. I sat through 15 minutes of judgmental looks and awkward glances before one of my roomies opened the door for me. In case you’re wondering—it was totally worth it.”

Spin Cycle, Please

“In first year I was seeing a guy. One night, we got so wasted and decided to finally have sex. This decision came in a TD Bank during a full-on make out session. After we realized we were on camera we thought it would be best to go back to rez to get it on, but when we got there we couldn’t find any privacy. We both agreed that it wasn’t going to happen there so we went on an adventure to find somewhere better. We found the laundry room. We could hear people in the hallway, but I think that just made it more exciting because that wasn’t the last time we went in there to do something either than clean my whites.”
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