Swap Don’t Shop with EcoHawks

For an entire week, EcoHawks and LSPIRG joined forces to host the Swap Dont Shop event at Laurier Brantford.  

Students donated clothing or accessories that they were not using anymore, and could take something else that sparked their interest.  

Its more sustainable in that way so that its not like youre going out and filling up a landfill with all of these clothes and you get to save some money in return, said Tori Reddings of EcoHawks 

EcoHawks and LSPIRG aim to create a more eco-friendly campus, which is why this event promotes the reduction of waste and challenges consumerism.  

The donated items had to be in great condition  as if they were being gifted to a family member or a close friend. Items that were in poor condition were rejected 

Larger items also werent accepted, because most students who stopped by the swap were on their way to class or walking home so things had to be small enough to carry.  

Four overflowing tables of donated clothing and other household accessories could be seen by both students and staff passing through the busy lobby.   

A few oohs and ahhs could be heard throughout the RCW lobby, and many students left with a few newish pieces. 

My room is filled with clothes that dont fit me anymore, but I havent had time to donate them. So this was definitely a good opportunity to get rid of some junk, said Adrianna Kriston, a Laurier student.  

Lindsay Martell, another curious student, made her way to the table with two grocery bags filled with old clothes. 

I just want it gone! I dont even want anything in return. Im just glad that someone can benefit from the things I dont use anymore, said Martell.  

More than 100 items of clothing were donated, as well as many books and common household accessories like kettles and coasters.  

There is no limit to how much you take because we have had such a great turnout, more people are donating than taking, said Reddings 

By the end of the week, there were still so many items left on the tables. But the group had other plans for them.  

Half of the donations are sent to Why Not Youth Centres while the other half is sent to Lauriers Waterloo Campus because they are doing 5 days for homeless. Once thats over and if there are any donations left, then they will donate the items to a shelter, said Kris Gilmore, another EcoHawks representative.  

Regardless of the turnout, items will not be put to waste and can be reused by someone in need.  

Students could drop off donations at the EcoHawks office before the event kicked off in exchange for a ticket that they could use to pick something up at the swap. But students could also bring in donations the day of the swap.

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