Steve Jobs: review

Have you ever wondered how much of an asshole former Apples CEO Steve Jobs was? Then see the latest documentary about him.In the 2015 movie, Steve Jobs, it shows the up rise of the Apple empire along with Steve Jobs. The movie shows the up rise of the first Macintosh computer in the 1980s, and the success Jobs brought to the company. With success comes failure, in the movie it is known as the ‘big black box’, NeXT. The NeXT is Jobs own personal computer failure of a project, which is unassociated with Apple.

The movie follows the ‘backstage’ personal life of Jobs (literally it occurs backstage). Jobs deals with his rocky relationship with his daughter, Lisa, and the fall out of his first partner, Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen). Even when Jobs was addressing his issues to John Sculley, (Jeff Daniels), with being fired from Apple. All of the drama occurs right before the release of a new product,leaving the small bursts of suspense and drama. Ending with the legendary iMac.

The movie depicted the rise and fall of the Jobs empire well but it was a bit one dimensional. It mainly focused on the release of the products but Jobs, and his personal life around the products. There was not much explanation for the backstory of the drama, leaving unanswered questions.Overall, the movie was not bad, but could use a bigger climax as opposed to multiple smaller ones. By the end it made Jobs seem like a not-so-bad guy who help create a legendary product, and empire.

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