Spring into outdoor activities

Ideas are hard to come by when the weather outside changes faster than the decision for best picture at the Oscars. At least it is safe to say that we are gradually moving into better weather with the coming weeks.

Here is a list of activities to help you take advantage of those nice sunny days:

  1. Explore the Grand River Trail – Getting outside on a nice spring day is great for both physical and mental health. Walking or jogging along the trail to some sweet tunes can relieve stress from all of those finals we are going to see in a month’s time. However, the trail offers so much more than just a walk. You can gaze at the river, check out the graffiti, hit up the skate park or go to the lookout point located at the beginning at of the trail.
  2. Get Geocaching! – If a walk on the trail doesn’t arouse your interest, try geocaching. Geocaching is a type of treasure hunt that is run on GPS or phone by people everywhere. You sign up, enter your location and the closest caches will show up. Once you arrive at the cache, you dig up the container and find a small treasure, however you must leave something of equal or lesser value in its place for the next adventurer. This activity is everywhere; there are multiple caches in Brantford and even more in Hamilton. Why not dedicate a spring day to treasure hunting?
  3. Hit up Dairee Delite – Need to get your ice cream fix? Dairee Delite opens mid-March and remains open, weather permitting, until September. Many of you have stumbled upon this gem multiple times, as it is hard to miss with all the lights and the ‘50s inspired set-up. For those of you that haven’t had the chance to visit, Dairee Delite is a classic Brantford hang out with good vibes and even better ice cream.
  4. Hamilton Waterfalls – Hamilton is filled with many natural landmarks. From waterfalls to trails, you are bound to have a day filled with outdoor activities. You can get there by car, Greyhound and Go Bus so definitely go chase those waterfalls.
  5. Fire up the Barbecue – You can’t go wrong by having a classic BBQ to invite the good weather to stay. There is something about that charcoal smell that solidifies the feel of Spring. Accompany it with some good tunes and a friendly game of football to complete the recipe.

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