Avril’s view on how to be healthy

Classes, work, having a social life and sleeping well all compromise our ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Should students gamble with their health for an education, or should the balance of these two be uncomplicated?

Your diet affects your mood and how it responds to stress and memory. Taking care of yourself means eating right, sleeping right and balancing work right. Being a university student comes with a lot of stress. As a student being short of funds and having bad habits are normal. But why? Being short of funds means buying the cheap stuff. The healthy food costs more. However, would you rather gain forty pounds upon graduating, or maintain a healthy lifestyle from day one?

Eating small meals frequently is something everyone should be doing. It also something people are not doing. It should be easy to eat smaller yet more meals while switching between classes. Having a regular meal schedule and calculating your costs of food for the week as important. Limit the junk food, cut down on alcohol. Substitute the alcohol and cigarette money for some lettuce and chicken. Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet most of us, including myself hate waking up to have that meal. Why is this so? Blame the laziness. It is vital to absorb the nutrients in a breakfast meal and energize the body for the day. Have a regular exercise routine and get into the habit of prioritizing your body.

Your body is your temple. Having access to too much unhealthy food is sometimes the problem. The meaning of having freedom also means taking responsibility for your actions. You are responsible for who you become.

School can turn you into a different person. Some discover a new part of themselves. Others crawl back into a shell or get side tracked. There also those that shoot for the stars.

Eat right and the rest of your body will follow. Not very many people discover the benefit of doing the right things with their body.

Some common effects of not prioritizing your body are diabetes, depression, obesity, hormone imbalance and menstrual disturbances for girls. The biggest thing for students is lack of money and time. My advice would be to take good care of your body while you are young. Your health is your wealth.

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