Need cheap housing? Come to Brantford

According to a recent Huffington Post article, Brantford is named the number one city to live for housing under $400,000 and the number one labour market.

With the average listing prices significantly lower than most big cities, Brantford is receiving many newcomers. Voted number one on the rankings, Brant community has lots to offer those looking for a cheaper place to settle down.

Real estate agent Kate Mcginnis of Sutton Real estate gave an inside scoop on the growing real estate market.

“People are getting priced out of the GTA and moving to smaller cities like Brantford,” said Mcginnis.

Over the past few years there has been a direct correlation between the increase in smaller markets and the increase in cost of housing in cities like Toronto, Mississauga and even Brampton. According to Welcome Home Realty Inc, the average single detached home in Toronto is currently listed at $1 million. In comparison, the average listing in Brantford is $387,680 as of January 2017.

Real estate agents across Brantford and the GTA expect the market to continue growing in the Brant community.

There is more room in the budget for families to enjoy extra expenses when they purchase a home in Brantford.

Mcginnis describes the market as offering a 100 per cent quality difference of life and family. Brantford offers a transition for families that are still working in the GTA but have moved out of the community.

The 403 allows easy transportation for individuals wanting to commute back and forth. With a growing population, the Brant community can look forward to more amenities such as the GO system and VIA rail. Amenities like these bring more value into the Brantford Market.

Along with the high ranking on the real estate market, Brantford also received a high labour market ranking. Brantford was rated number one on BMO’s regional labour market report card for February 2017. Robert Kavcic, a senior economist for BMO, reported that jobs rose 10.3 per cent in the past year for the Brant community. Kavic explained that the number reported can be a little skewed. When surveys are taken it does not account for the individuals who work outside of Brantford. Many of the individuals surveyed work in the GTA, but reside in Brantford.

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