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It’s a brand new year and people have an annual habit of creating selfish resolutions that only benefit themselves. This year, why not make a second resolution to benefit your sex life (and your partner) as well? I interviewed a slew of 20-somethings, and they managed to muster a grand 13 ways to tweak your sex life to make it better.

1. Dirty Talk

Almost everyone I spoke to, both men and women, stated interest in having their partner talk dirty to them. However, if you have a shy partner, you should ease into this.

2. Direction

There is NOTHING wrong with telling your partner what to do while your making love. Your lover will enjoy the experience more just knowing that you are enjoying it more.

3. Masturbation

It must be said that no ladies chose this, but men reported finding it “over-the-top sexy” when their female counterparts masturbated before having sex.

4. Location, Location, Location

Some people really don’t have the option to defile the dining room table, the couch, or the washing machine but, if at all possible, try mixing up where you have sex. If you always have sex at one partner’s house, go to the other’s (if you have to sneak around parents or siblings it may make it hotter). Also, bathroom sex is always a steamy alternative.

5. Swinging

This option didn’t receive too many votes, but those who are interested are usually very interested. If this is something you and your partner have ever considered, go for it! It is a sure fire way to change things up in the bedroom.

6. A little bit if Vanilla

Some people only ever have crazy sex (what’s the problem, right?), but apparently even that gets old. If you and your partner only have fast and hard sex, try slowing it down and doing something that most other couples consider boring, it may excite you.

7. Rough it Up

Contrary to the previous suggestion, some couples only have vanilla sex. This is a tougher habit to break because it usually requires one or both partners to breach their comfort zone. If you’re feeling adventurous, just take charge during the act and make it a little saucier.

8. Fantasy Sex/ Role-playing

Everyone has a fantasy – Everyone. Whether or not you or your partner is willing to divulge this personal information is a different story. If you are willing to share your fantasies, then hopefully your partner receives it well and it can be acted upon. Remember, sharing this information is very personal, be very sensitive especially if it’s something you’re not willing to do.

9. Bondage

If you want to make your sex life kinkier, add a blindfold and some ropes. Experiment with different things, especially if there is no established sub or dom.

10. Anal

Men seem to have an overwhelming lust for the back door. If you are not comfortable with it, say so. But if you are, this may be an exciting new venture for you and your partner. Remember to always start slow, you need to work your way up to penetration.

11. Foreplay

Couples who have been together for a while tend to start skipping the foreplay and going straight to sex, as if it’s a race. Slow down and enjoy the build-up. The sex will be much more satisfying.

12. Watch or Make a Video (but keep it off the internet)

Some couples love porn, some hate it. If you hate it, try making your own video for personal viewing. Only choose this option if you trust your partner not to show friends, or the entire world.

13. Correct Positioning

Hands down, the easiest thing you can do to spice up your sex life, and the most commonly suggested, is to change up the positions. A lot of couples stick to the same two or three, so whip out the Kama Sutra and have some fun experimenting with new positions.

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