Sounds Good: Unheard Bands in Ontario

– Melina Major, staff

Something You Whisper is a band that hails from Cambridge, Ontario. They describe their music as having “huge choruses and catchy hooks over top of a strong post hard-core sound”. These four boys are catapulting themselves into stardom, opening for big names such as We Came As Romans in November, 2011 and Silverstein in December, 2011. They are currently on a four month tour of Canada playing at high schools to raise awareness for Live Different, an organization that promotes helping end poverty in third world countries.

Listen To: “Take Back What You Said” and “Playing The Victim”

Tonight Tonight is a pop rock band from Burlington. Their sound might be considered “emo” to some, but with their heartfelt lyrics and catchy guitar riffs you can definitely tell that they are a band that is passionate about their work. The band has played all across Ontario including Toronto and St. Catharines. Last year, Tonight Tonight put out an EP called “West Coast Feelings”, but sadly broke up not long after.

Listen to:  “Both On Fire” and “I Know You Know”

Street Pharmacy is a rock band with a reggae influence from Welland, Ontario. They appeared on the MuchMusic show Disband in December 2009 to get the chance to perform in front of big names in the industry like Mark Spicoluk, a representative of Gene Simmons’ new record label “Simmons Records”. The mentor of the show, Greig Nori from Treble Charger, was extremely impressed with their talent and decided to help them re-release their independently recorded album entitled The Legacy Of Rudy in 2009. Street Pharmacy has a very mellow sound that’s great to just chill out to. Some of their songs even include the use of bongos.

Listen to: “Stone Bricks and Mortar”

The Torcus is band from right here in Brantford. Their sound could be compared to that of another Canadian band, The Trews, with their crazy guitar riffs and lyrics. They take new rock and put a little bit of an old school twist to it. The band played several shows at The Ford Plant in Brantford, until it closed in Fall 2010.

Listen to: “In My Head”

5.   Cambridge band, Credit Valley, has a strong female vocalist similar to Hayley Williams from Paramore. However, Credit Valley’s tone is a bit more poppy. Before you all complain that I put a pop band on here, hear me out. This band has some real potential, especially since they are starting out so young with most of them only being 16 years old. The vocalist has an amazing voice especially when the band performs acoustically. One of the band’s biggest accomplishments was sharing the stage with These Kids Wear Crowns in June, 2011.

Listen To: “Something”

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