Snow removal below minimum standard

Although this wintery season has been pretty light on the snow, Brantford is still known to be one of the worst for their snow removal. With only fifty-two workers over the different shifts, Brantford has over 1,100 kilometres of roadways to clear. The snow that has fallen seems to have disappeared pretty quickly but not the water it turns into.

Once the snow is melting, and moved it is still a problem. Puddles deeper than the average person’s ankles and piles of snow in the most inconvenient places make it difficult for a simple commute to class. Brantford does have a bylaw in which it requires property owners/renters to clear their sidewalks. However, many residents feel that this bylaw is not enforced or as effective as it should be.

Unfortunately when it comes to clearing and draining the water left from the snow it just takes time. However, Brantford conforms to the minimum maintenance standard for ploughing and salting operations as stated on the ‘Discovering Brantford’ website.

According to the website, “In order to keep residents safe, the City has identified priority streets and works on clearing snow and salting in priority order. This is designed to make sure routes for emergency vehicles are cleared first (Brantford City Hall).”

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