Sexpert: men versus women

Possibly the only thing that can always be agreed upon by men and women is that there are undeniable differences between the two. From foreplay to pillow talk, men and women view sex differently. This issue is solely dedicated to pinpointing the differences, and debunking crazy claims made by the favorites such as Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health.

Let’s start with the tips that Men’s Health is providing poor men everywhere. Here’s a list of my favourite true and false claims from their article “50 Hottest Sex Tips All Women Wish You Knew”.


1. “Go canoeing or hiking to spice up your sex life”: False

This is great for the outdoorsy type, but my guess is that this wouldn’t make most ladies rip off their clothes and lean against a tree. Adventure is good, but make sure it’s mutually enjoyable.


2. “Bring her close to climax before sex”: False

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Women are able to have multiple orgasms, so you are much better off just finishing the job before you get started. Girls can lose their orgasms as they are happening, so stopping the action right before she’s about to get off doesn’t mean she will pick right back up there once you get into sex. The moment might be totally lost.


3. “Boost her confidence”: True

While I agree with this, the approach they took was “a confident sex partner is an adventurous sex partner.” Don’t boost her self esteem just to get better sex, because chances are, your compliments won’t fool her. Instead, just be genuine and mean everything you say. She will find that sexiest.

There are also many tips for women, graciously provided by Cosmopolitan magazine that I have racked my closest guys’ brains about. While most of their “10 Sex Cravings All Guys Have” seem to be legit, it’s extremely important to realize that not ALL men are the same, even when it comes to something as primal as sex.


4. “He wants nooky out of nowhere”: True

This may surprise you (or not) but guys want you to initiate sex sometimes, especially when they are not expecting it. This lets your man know that you are just as in to having sex with him as he is with you. It also shows that you have a bit of a saucy side, with the confidence to go after what you want. So go ahead and surprise your lover.


As we examine the different tips given to and from men and women, a couple things seem to be apparent about each sex. Men seem to want women to be more adventurous and confident, and they want women to share some of the responsibility of initiating the act. Women seemingly want men to greater attempt understanding their bodies, as well as the non-physical needs we have. It’s no secret that confidence has creped in to almost every tip, so ladies: own it. If you’ve got him in bed, there’s not much you can do to scare him off… And gents: make your lady feel like she’s the sexiest one alive and you’ll likely be closer to getting the sex you want.

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