K-Stew shines in T.O. following cheating scandal

Kristen Stewart strutted her stuff at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) this past week, in her first appearance following her traffic-stopping public apology for cheating on Robert Pattinson.

This past July will forever live in infamy for Twilight fans worldwide as the picture perfect relationship between Edward and Bella (Pattinson and Stewart) came to a shattering halt. For those not bitten by the Twilight bug, last month Kristin Stewart, 22, made a public apology for getting caught cheating on R-Patz with her married “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Saunders, 41. The scandal broke when pictures surfaced of her and Saunders being unusually close, exchanging more-than-friendly kisses and hugs back in mid-July of this year.

Kristin Stewart was in town supporting her new film “On the Road” directed by Jack Kerouac. K-Stew walked the red carpet at the Ryerson Theatre on Thursday night with co-stars Garrett Hedlund and Kirsten Dunst. Her arrival has been one of the biggest scenes to occur in the festival’s history. When news broke out that she would be attending the festival, paparazzi in both Toronto and Los Angles, and their airports, exploded exponentially.  Despite looking gloomy in a pair of jeans and T-shirt upon, and following her arrival, she did not let her feelings affect her job, for she literally sparkled on the red carpet in an extra tight Zuhair Murad sequined dress.

As expected, there were a few intense ‘Twi-hards” and Edward Cullen fans who blasted out against Stewart with harsh obscenities in reaction to the cheating scandal. But for the most part, there was 99.9% love for the Twilight star, as over 500 fans waited hours to get even the tiniest glimpse of her.

While heart broken, K-Stew didn’t let it get the best of her as she tried to sign as many autographs and taking as many pictures as she possibly could have at the Ryerson Theatre that night. In fact, in over several attempts for paparazzi to get the latest scoop on the cheating scandal, Stewart failed to answer or comment on the situation at all. The night was strictly about her latest film and her fans. At the end of the day, she makes it clear that despite the disappointment she has caused them, she still deeply cares for and loves her dedicated fans.


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