Romcoms for the ages

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Romcoms are the type of movie that people may enjoy all year long, but with Valentine’s Day fast-approaching, it now becomes the season of love, meet cutes and stories of romance.  

Romcoms are warm feel-good movies that so many of us enjoy watching with friends, a loved one or even on our own in a cozy chair with a blanket, our favourite drink and snack in hand. Romcom movies come in such a wide genre of entertainment.  

“‘Coming of age’ is probably my favourite, I like the personal growth that brings characters together,” said Nicole Meszaros, a fourth-year English student at Wilfrid Laurier University. There are so many options, from anything on the Hallmark channel to travel, holiday or coming-of-age movies.  

Anytime someone brings up the Hallmark channel movies, you get very different reactions from people. When asked what type of romcom was her favourite, Elizabeth Rinaldo, a senior accountant at Boathouse, answered almost immediately, “Hallmark movies.” When Meszaros was asked how she felt about Hallmark movies, she replied with, “They are not that good.” 

Whether you are for or against Hallmark movies, you must admit that we have all seen one cheesy Hallmark movie that we enjoyed watching but never wanted to admit it. Maybe not a favourite, but a movie you don’t mind watching.  

A favourite romcom might be one that you can never grow tired of watching or maybe just a movie that has an actor or actress that you love to watch. 

“Reese Witherspoon can do no wrong,” said Meszaros. 

If you haven’t already, let this be a reminder for you to start watching your favourite classic romcoms on repeat this February.  

When discussing favourite movies, it is clear the best decade of new releases for romcom movies was 2000 to 2010. Let’s be real, not many people would dispute this fact. The Holiday, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, 27 Dresses and so many more. There were so many classic romcoms made in and around that time.  

Take some time enjoy the classics, maybe watch a new Hallmark movie or rewatch an old favourite. Happy season of love to everyone. 

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