Orbiting Love: Cosmic Counsel — February Submission

Karen Savoy / Sputnik Photography

The following anonymous submission has been modified to maintain subjects’ anonymity and for clarity. 

I was on a date with this guy, and we went to his place for dinner. It was very nice, he was a very good cook and everything was going well. We talked for hours and had a lot in common. We ended up going to his bedroom and we began to do some adult activities. When we were in the middle of the deed, he said to me, “We have to be a little quieter, my kids are sleeping in the next room.” I didn’t know he had kids or that his kids were present. After we finished, I went into my car and read my group chat. I found out all my friends got COVID and that I likely had it too. Long story short, I gave him COVID and I never saw him again. 

Wow this was a fun one to read! I cannot believe he did not tell you he had kids or for that matter, that the kids did not crash this date at all. Where were they all night?! I am at a loss for words on this one. I think in this case, the universe worked in your favour a bit. In exchange for him lying to you, you gave him COVID. I sincerely hope he learned his lesson about being truthful and I sure hope you have gotten better at asking some vetting questions at the beginning to avoid this kind of situation again.  

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