Pinterest turns fantasy weddings into reality

Pinterest has become one of the most popular websites today as people pin their goals, places they’d like to visit, things they want to buy, and pretty much anything else that stimulates their interest. One of the most common boards to find on Pinterest, especially for females, is a wedding board in which future brides or even single people can find ideas to assist them in planning their dream wedding.

“I don’t even have a date set for my wedding yet but I know I’d like to have it sometime in 2016. I’m always on Pinterest looking at how to have my fantasy wedding in a way that I can afford,”says future bride Ashley Lowe. “That’s what Pinterest is all about; past brides sharing some of their wedding ideas and getting crafty so that you don’t blow any more money than you need to,” she added.

Indeed a wedding can get overly expensive and Pinterest makes sure that no couple has to settle for anything less than perfect.

“Most of the ideas I’ve found so far are things I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own. [Pinterest] has everything from bridesmaid gift ideas to seating arrangement ideas to ideas on how to personalize your wedding dress. I’m definitely going to save a ton of money using some of these ideas,” said Lowe.

Though Pinterest seems like the perfect place to help getting the ball rolling on wedding planning, some admit that they may be planning their dream day too soon.

“I know it sounds creepy that I’m not getting married and I have a Pinterest wedding board but there are just so many cool things I find when I’m on and I know that one day I’ll need them so why not?” admits Colleen Harshaw, who has her wedding planning to perfection on her Pinterest account, but is yet to find the man that she is going to marry.

It seems that the fad of planning a wedding on Pinterest is not restricted to people who have actual weddings to plan, but is also a hobby among future bride hopefuls. This is a fad that could surely scare away any future lovers, but is something that most girls are guilty of doing on their Pinterest accounts.

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