Men’s basketball team preps for charity game

The Laurier men’s extramural basketball team will have a very unique and interesting opportunity coming in the near future later this month. They will be playing a game against the Brantford Emergency Services, consisting of the police and firefighters of Brantford.

The game will be played entirely for charity, according to Captain Matt Wright.

“The charity game is to raise money toward the Food for Thought and spread awareness of our team toward a special cause,” says Wright.

Wright has been trying to arrange this game for a while and finally succeeded. His first job was to reach out and see who would respond to his requests.

The team and Wright are very happy with the support they received for this upcoming event. They are hoping to make this an annual event for a very good cause.

“We hope to continue to be depended on every year by underprivileged children so we can help to supply the food and supplies they need to learn and live healthy,” says Wright.

The charity being supported is Brant Food for Thought. The aim of the charity is to help encourage and support students with proper nutrition and health care in Brant County and the surrounding area. They also aim to promote awareness of nutrition for students.

“We are not only playing for ourselves but we are playing for the Brantford community and school,” says Wright.

He pointed out that this is the first event of its kind in the decade plus years that this campus has existed. The team believes that they are a leader on the Laurier campus and in the Brantford community as a whole.

The date of the game is yet to be determined. It will be taking place sometime this month at Brantford Collegiate Institute. If students are looking for more information regarding the game there is a Facebook page that will have all the details about the event.

As for the men’s extramural team’s rest of the season, the Golden Hawks are currently awaiting to hear back about the Challenge Cup. They are currently sitting in the fifth overall position out of 15 teams in the Ontario Collegiate Athletics Association (OCAA). Once they hear back, the Challenge Cup tournament will be taking place on March 22 at the U of T Mississauga campus. The team is excited to qualify and will be ready and motivated to play and always look forward to representing the Laurier Brantford campus.

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