Does size really matter?

One of men’s biggest worries in the bedroom undoubtedly revolves around what they’re packing in their pants. While the statement “size doesn’t matter” has been floating around religiously since the 1960s, it doesn’t mean it’s true (sorry, boys).

New collaborative research based out of the University of New Mexico, the Eco-Ethology Research Unit in Lisbon, and the University of the West of Scotland suggests that size actually does matter. In a study containing 323 women, Costa, Miller, and Brody report that “evidence shows that most women care about penis size to some degree and typically prefer a some-what thicker and longer penis than average.”

Now I know this is probably cueing a freak-out right now, but those men who are not well equipped can still provide a pleasurable experience in the bedroom.

According to a related Internet survey, 94 per cent of women whose partner had a “large” penis reported being “very satisfied” sexually, while only 32 per cent of women whose partners had “small” penises reported being “very satisfied”. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to suck in bed just because your penis is small to average; you just have to work harder. Men with larger than average penis size can slack off a bit in the sack because, as it’s been established, they are already hardwired with the tool to pleasure their partner.          Unfortunately, men who aren’t born hung like a horse are going to have some extra work to do in the bedroom, which likely accounts for the one third of very satisfied women.  Since size only matters because it increases the likelihood of intercourse resulting in vaginal orgasm, it’s possible to work with what you’ve got to hit all the right spots.

Since I want to restore the confidence that I likely just stripped away from many men, I want to provide ways for you to increase your sexual performance with your partner. First, this article only refers to vaginal orgasm, which is not the same as clitoral orgasm. If you want to pleasure your lady, make sure that you actively engage in foreplay, if she has an orgasm before you have sex, anything after will feel great.

There are also some positions that work better for those with smaller members. Most variations of Doggy Style work well for those with smaller penises, because it allows for easy access and pleasurable angles. For these positions, instead of resting on all fours, have your partner position herself with face and shoulders down and bottom way up. Most other man-on-top positions can just be tweaked slightly to allow for deeper penetration.

Tip: Use a pillow! Putting a pillow under her hips will allow for her to be slightly elevated, allowing for easier access and more fulfilling penetration for both of you. Try positions such as the ‘V’, where you elevate her hips with a pillow and then bring up her legs to look like a ‘V’, or the snake, where she lies belly down with a pillow under her pelvis to allow for a different approach to sex from behind.

Having a small penis isn’t the end of the world, but it could be the end of your sex life if you don’t try to make it pleasurable for your partner.


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