Orbiting Love: Cosmic Counsel — March Submission

Karen Savoy / Sputnik Photography

The following anonymous submission has been modified for readability. 

When I was in Grade 11, I thought it was a really good idea for some reason to join a dating app and lie about my age, so that’s karma. I matched with this guy who drove a nice car and seemed nice. We went to all you can eat sushi, and all was going well until he asked me if I knew what a lizard person was. I kind of chuckled and I said no, and he proceeded to explain them with fear in his eyes. I then realized he wasn’t joking anymore, and he genuinely thought they were real as well as accused me of being one. Let’s just say the date was cut short.

Wow! To each his own, but that’s an interesting topic to bring up on the first date. Unfortunately, a nice car does not cover up the fact that this person has some strong opinions. I also think that Grade 11 is a tad too young for dating apps, so I agree with you that’s some karma, but I hope your dating life since then has been more successful and with less lizard people!

This article was originally published in print Volume 23, Issue 7 on Thursday, March 7.

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