On my plate

Reviewing the mouth watering, the memorable and the mistakes of on-campus dining.

Establishment: The Pantry Café, once a hidden-away feature of Brantford’s courthouse has revamped its service and clientele by moving on campus. The Dalhousie Street establishment masters the soup and sandwich combo that caters to students, staff, and the ever-loyal courthouse crowd. The small space (where many Laurier veterans will remember one Tops restaurant) though slightly bleak in décor, hosts ample seating, food made-to-order and a friendly staff.

Menu: The grilled chicken wrap; comprised of a whole wheat wrap, generous roast chicken chunks, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese and mayonnaise was still hot after taking the order to go. The item’s best feature was easily the succulent roast chicken but the wrap called for a different cheese. Cheddar belongs on a burger. Despite the column’s title, what I really want to rave about is what was in my bowl. I’ve tried various soups from the Pantry Café and though hearty and homemade, the chicken barley soup still does not outrank the always-popular cheddar and broccoli cream soup. Finally, the butter tart, though a tasty end to my comfort food feast was not homemade.

Recommendation: What does every student need after a greasy night at NV? An equally greasy breakfast. Thank goodness someone is offering all day breakfast for under $5.00 on campus.

The Pantry Café will remain in my repertoire of on-campus eats. When you can’t go home for chicken soup, nothing beats a soup of the day at your classic mom-and-pop joint.

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