October marks Gaddafi’s end

-Ahmed S. Minhas, staff

Muammar Gaddafi’s reign over Libya finally came to an end on Oct. 20. The autocratic ruler led Libya for 42 years before his death, which ultimately sparked joy across the world.

However, no greater happiness came than to the Libyans who lived under his rule.

While attempting to escape from District 2 in Sirte, Libya, where Gaddafi made his last stand, he was cornered and killed by Libyan rebels.

After the fall of Tripoli due to NATO strikes and rebel fighters, Gaddafi sought refuge in Sirte. Early Thursday morning a convoy of 75 vehicles, one carrying Gaddafi, headed out of District 2 in Sirte. French aircrafts destroyed most of the vehicles, but Gaddafi and a few of his men managed to escape on foot.

It was then that rebel fighters found Gaddafi hiding in a large drainage pipe where he was dragged out and eventually shot by rebel fighters.

There is some skepticismsurrounding Gaddafi’s death. One report says that Gaddafi died from bullet wounds while being held prisoner in a rebel car from crossfire, while an eye witness says that he saw the former Libyan leader die from shots fired into his abdomen.

Amateur footage shot by rebels as well as footage shot by news network Al-Jazeera show that the former ruler was caught while alive. Al-Jazeera also has footage of the former dictator that was captured after he was announced dead.

But no matter, the world believes that Gaddafi’s reign has finally come to an end with his passing.

The Libyan civil war lasted for just over eight months. Rebel forces were holding a bloody stalemate when the UN granted permission for military intervention. Since then the rebels have been advancing with the aid of seventeen foreign states including Canada. Gadaffi had been relying heavily on mercenary forces due to a lack of support from Libyans. In total it is estimated that 30,000 people have been killed in this conflict.

Gaddafi’s body has caused much controversy after his death. Under Islamic tradition, every effort should be made to bury the dead within 24 hours.

However, Libya’s oil minister said the remains will be “kept for a few days.” The authorities have yet to decide what to do with the body.

A secret burial may be conducted, or Gaddafi’s body may be buried at sea – just as Osama Bin Laden’s body was, in order to prevent the former colonel’s grave from becoming a shrine.

Osama Bin Laden’s burial also sparked similar controversy across the world.

For now, Gaddafi’s body lies in a meat storage room in Misrata and Libya is freed of its dictator.

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