According to the City of Brantford website, as of June 1st, smoking is no longer allowed anywhere on transit property.
The city will now recognize the property as a no smoking zone under the Trespass to Property Act.

The bylaw has been put into effect due to a city council decision in March after a complaint had been made by the Transit Liaison Advisory Committee (TLAC).

In March, Councillor Larry Kings, who sits on the TLAC, said the main reason for the change to the bylaw is “because it’s not healthy and [the TLAC is] trying to do everything we can.”

Signs have yet to be posted at the transit terminal but, according to a tweet by Downtown Brantford (@downtownbrantfd) on June 3rd – “ … signage ready, waiting on property management to install. End of this week or next.”

Enforcement, according to Kings, could include refusing the customer access to the transit system or having the Brantford Police Service deal with the customer directly.

To see the exact property covered by the new bylaw – click here.

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