New Year, new me



We all know that the new year brings new year resolutions, and this year is no exception.


Typically people create a mile-long list and do not stick with their resolutions. In order to make the desired change students want to see in their lives, it is recommended to stick to one goal and work towards it all year.  


The Sputnik has some easy and doable New Year’s resolutions that will help better your personal life and academic life. 


A common resolution is to become healthy, it is almost a cliche at this point. Everyone wishes to get fit yet no one ever seems to commit to it.


Just because it is hard to stick to does not mean students should not try. 


Getting active is a great way to not only help better your physical health, but it has been scientifically proven to help better your mental health as well. This is especially while attending Zoom university for the second semester during a global pandemic.


Whether you go for a run or walk, and even do at-home workouts, be sure to find a fun method that works for you. 


By finding workouts that are actually fun to do, students can get their heart pumping without it feeling like a workout. 


Many gyms offer online classes that you can take like Zumba or Bodyfit. These are fun ways to stay active and you can even catch up with friends if you get them to join you. Youtube is also a great way to start for free. 


Being physically active can be fun as long as you make it fun. So don’t overwork yourself; take it at your own pace until you find that routine that you enjoy and is convenient for you. 


Another great New Year’s resolution can be to put yourself out there. 


Meet new people, make new friends and join school clubs. This will make our virtual reality a little bit better and easier to manage. 


University is all about making lifelong friendships, so let us start doing that.


Start a conversation, apply for that job or internship, join that school club. Be courageous and confident in yourself and allow new things to happen to you. 


Virtual learning has also been putting a strain on us academically. This online learning environment has been tough on many of us. 


A great way to be able to manage your time and get things done is by setting reminders for yourself. Making calendars, filling notepads or setting reminders on your phone are simple, yet effective ways to keep on top of your responsibilities.


On your phone or computer, you can set reminders and create separate lists for each class and put reminders in these lists that correspond to each class.


You can even put a specific date and time on these reminders so they won’t pop up on your screen until that preferred time. 


If reminders are not the thing for you, then on your computer you can download this free app called myHomework. 


It’s your own personal calendar that you can set reminders in and that will alert you when assignments or tests are coming up. 


You can set it so it reminders you two days in advance, or even a week in advance. It’s a great resource that will help you stay organized and manage your time.


Arielle Paretes, a first-year Laurier student recommends attending school workshops to help keep students motivated and more focused on their academics.


“I barely did anything this semester but I did a couple of workshops during the last few weeks and that’s when I became the most focused,” said Paretes.


She is referring to the workshop called “getting ready for exam season,’ hosted by Laurier Brantford’s Academic Advising. 


Laurier has various Instagram accounts that post about different workshops to help people better manage their studying.


“My resolution is to focus more on school. I am not a good online learner so I definitely struggled this semester and because I struggled this semester I plan on doing better next,” said Paretes.


These workshops have helped her during the exam season and will be her motivation to do better academically in the new semester.


Paretes, along with many other people, know the many different workshops that Laurier has to offer that can help better your academics, mental/emotional state, and even your physical state.


Use these resources to your advantage with this new year.


Think smarter, not harder. These different New Year’s resolutions can be very encouraging, and can help make a permanent routine in your daily lifestyle. 


The more you practice and the more determined you are, the more likely that these different New Year’s resolutions will make a permanent impact on your lives.


In the end Golden Hawk let’s just remember that right now it’s hard to plan for the future, so don’t be too hard on yourself. 


Improve you this year since as we know, nothing is guaranteed.

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