New series: “Black Community Mixtapes”

Serena Anagbe / Photo Editor

History, the past. Something that is there for us all to learn from and celebrate. The first episode of a five-part series, Black Community Mixtapes, released in September on Citytv. Each of the five parts is dedicated to a different aspect of Black culture: Hip Hop, the Toronto Carnival, Photography, Literature and Archivists.  

“It is a call to action,” said host KhaRå Martin. 

This project all started with creators Alison Duke and Ngardy Conteh George. The series focuses on the forgotten, never seen or unheard stories of Black Canadian history.  

KhaRå Martin, who was brought onto the team to help with the researching and eventually hosting the show, talked about how much time, research and interviewing went into the creation of the show. 

“In 10, 20, 30 years, people can look back and watch and learn,” said Martin.  

To highlight one story or person, Joella Crichton, a nine-time queen of the Toronto Carnival. Getting to hear people’s stories. Events that happen all the time. There are stories that are never heard.  

After watching this series, it may give people the chance to look at the old files or videos they have from family and friends. There might be some untold or forgotten stories that may just be worth sharing.  

“I hope that it is the beginning in discovering and untapping Canadian history, lost history, unrecovered history,” said Martin.  

There are cultures like Black Canadians with history that should be told. Also, all of us can learn from our own history. There are some stories that haven’t been told, but there is always a place to start and there is still room to learn more. 

Contributed Photo / Black Community Mixtapes

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