Heating to battle the cold

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Canadian weather is hard to predict. There is never one season that follows the guidelines of what it is “supposed” to be. During fall, right now, the weather is traditionally supposed to be cool and a little breezy while we watch the leaves change colours and fall. Next is winter, very cold Canadian winters.  

Living alone is challenging for students because there is so much to learn and be responsible for in a home. For first-years living in residence, climate control changes between buildings and off-campus housing heating is an entirely other beast.  

“Putting in a request for them to change the temperature may not get actioned in time. By that time, the weather outside may have changed, and it isn’t needed anymore,” said Emily Chau, a second-year user experience design student and learning cluster advisor. “It was quite necessary for us to have our own fans or heaters to be able to change the temperature on our own.”  

The same applies to those who rent. You can learn from what happens this year or stories from others, but sometimes adapting comes with time.  

Simon Bernath, founder and CEO of FurnacePrices.ca began his site after realizing many people do not know what to do when the winter comes around and people need to start heating their homes.  

“There was not a lot of information and heating and air conditioning systems isn’t something that most people know much about or think much about until they kind of have to if their furnace breaks down,” said Bernath.  

The website was designed to help others and give tips on how to heat their homes in the winter. The website provides people with free information about getting quotes, buying guidelines and quite a few resources, many of which are free of charge.  

When it is too cold outside, many of us stay indoors with a blanket and a good book or movie. But one issue that may arise may be your furnace. Students might be first-time renters who are learning what they have to do. Bernath encourages students and tenants alike to stay consistent with their furnace maintenance, no matter how new it is. 

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