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Every term, book club chooses two books and creates a poll on their Instagram story to decide which one the club should read. This term, it was a close race. The two novels up for debate were The Neighbor Favor by Kristina Forest and Iced Out by C.E. Ricci.   

The Neighbor Favor is a cute romance that follows Lily Greene who feels like she’s constantly facing disappointment. Trying to look on the bright side, she is enjoying being distracted by the entertaining conversations over email with her favourite fantasy author. Although Lily is not ready to entertain a relationship, she does feel their conversations have moved from the friend zone to maybe something more…that is until he ghosts her. Trying to turn her life around, Lily starts to look for a date for her sister’s wedding. Who better than Nick Brown, Lily’s gorgeous and charming neighbour? Lily finds herself very intrigued by Nick and might be catching feelings.  

Nick, a famous fantasy author has his reasons for using a pen name. Nick usually finds himself pushing people away, so when he finds out that the stunning, shy woman a couple doors down from him, Lily, is the same, he falls in love with her over email and he knows it can’t get more complicated. Nick decides that he is going to set up Lily with someone else, but this favour between the neighbours quickly gets complicated when Nick finds himself constantly thinking about her.  

Iced Out by C.E. Ricci is a hot romance book that follows two hockey players who couldn’t be more opposite and that are never not at each other’s throats. So, when Quinton and Oakley are put on the same team, the two can’t help but get under each other’s skin. With both finding the common ground of their love for hockey they realize they will both do whatever it takes to win, including falling into bed with each other. We all know that hockey players are superstitious and when their hookups lead to the team winning, how could they stop?  

These two books both grabbed the attention of our club members, but Laurier Brantford’s Books It Up is excited to share that this term we will be reading Iced Out by C.E. Ricci. 

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