New addition to Brantford’s night life

20 Dalhousie Street, just steps away from the Laurier Brantford campus has new owners and is set to be the new home of Allure Nightclub. The former home of The Rodeo has been completely renovated and transformed from bar to nightclub.

Just last year the previous establishment, The Rodeo, had been hosting swingers’ nights on weekends. Aware of the controversy of having a swingers club close to Laurier Brantford, Trevor Johnson, manager of Allure explains that it was imperative to distance themselves from the previous establishment.

“We definitely are not a swingers club and we want to separate ourselves from that — we will get rid of that image on the opening weekend,” said Johnson.

Johnson also noted that the university had helped the areas and that he wanted Allure to do the same.

“Laurier is doing a lot to [help] clean up [the] downtown and we want to reflect that and make things look more clean and modern to match,” said Johnson.

There are expectations with any bar or club near a university campus to have events catered exclusively to students. Johnson expressed interest in hosting frosh events in September along with special nights that will draw students, such as Toonie Tuesdays as well as karaoke.

“We want to compete with other universities where the nightlife is the draw. We understand some students go to particular cities for the nightlife like Hess Village [the popular club district for McMaster University students]. We want to give students more options,” said Johnson.

Every Friday night Allure will host live music acts and promote local talent. While the music will be varied from night to night, students can expect the latest top 40 hits and dance music on the nights Allure hosts radio station 91.5 The Beat for their live-to-air broadcasting.

Allure will be open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and on select Sundays for special events. The grand opening will take place Thursday, February 14, to Sunday February 17. There is no dress code but club goers are expected to dress-to-impress.


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