Levac: “Light at the end of the GO tunnel”

According to Brant MPP Dave Levac, GO service to Brant is one step closer to becoming a reality.

In a recent meeting involving Mayor Chris Friel, Metrolinx President and CEO Bruce McCuaig, Go Transit President Gary McNeil, and Leslie Woo, Vice President of Policy Planning and Innovation, Levac said, “I know that the people of Brant not only want GO service, they absolutely need it.”

Levac’s efforts on this endeavor stretch back to 2008 when he first brought the province and the city of Brantford together to begin discussions on how to bring GO service to the area of Brant.

“I’ve been working for many years to get GO service to Brant, and I can definitely say that now there is light at the end of the GO tunnel,” said Levac. “GO service will not only make it easier for people from Brant to travel outside the region and back, it will also make it easier for friends, families, students and tourists to travel to Brant and take advantage of everything our community has to offer.”

The meeting ended with the agreement among parties that the creation of a business case assessment on running GO Transit in Brant was the next step.

According to Levac, GO Transit is important in keeping families and young people in Brant, allowing safe, reliable and affordable travel.

“Linking GO service to Brantford will provide residents with numerous benefits for years to come,” said Mayor Friel. “Working with MPP Dave Levac to provide a coordinated effort, we will continue to push for the needs of our community as we move forward in this process.”

Levac believes that Brant’s public transit throughout the area will improve both the environment and strengthen the local economy.

“It’s now time for Brant to take the next step, move forward with this business case assessment,” said Levac. “And begin planning a more prosperous future for our families where we’re served by GO Transit.”

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