Laurier introduces emergency notification system

A new notification system is in place to help alert Laurier students of campus emergencies. Students will notice a new subscription for the Laurier Emergency Notification System on their LORIS account. By registering their phone numbers, students will be able to receive alerts regarding any emergencies on campus.

Kevin Klein, the campus’ External Relations Coordinator, explains that the new service is set up for the entire Laurier Brantford community, which includes faculty, staff and students.

“The emergency messages will be sent via text message to anyone who subscribes to the service with their cell phone number. Messages will also be sent to the campus televisions (LBTV) and all computers on campus. The text message service is especially useful for students who are commuting from out of town,” explains Klein.

Students are assured that if they register that their phone numbers within the system only text messages will be sent to their phones, and will not be disclosed to any third party. Any costs associated with sending an alert will be paid by the university.

Klein recalled a power outage 4 years ago that left much of the Laurier campus without power and caused class cancellations as an example of a time when this service would have been helpful.

“That would have been an opportunity where this service could have been used in the past.” he explains.

However, the service is being offered now that the technology has become available. Along with power outages, environmental hazards and severe storms, the service can also be used transmit information regarding safety on campus.

Students are encouraged to subscribe for reasons beyond convenience.

“This service allows special constables to focus on the task at hand instead of worrying about notifying everyone,” says Klein.


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