Laurier Brantford’s new fresh faces

Starting university is an experience that for some, can be frightening, exciting and overwhelming all at once. Earlier this month, hundreds of first-year students began their university careers at Wilfrid Laurier’s Brantford campus. Coming back after summer vacation can be quite the adjustment for many returning students, but for the freshmen, this is a whole new ball game. My photographer Anna and I took to the streets of Brantford to meet some of these freshmen, and to hear their thoughts on Laurier, O-week, and more.


Name: Mitchell Howell


Program: History

Home Town: Cambridge


Since starting at Laurier, Mitchell Howell has particularly enjoyed the small community atmosphere and the up-beat attitude of Laurier students.

“Everyone’s been super friendly. I haven’t really had any problems. It’s been a good time.” Howell visits Wilkes House on a daily basis, and invites readers who see him there to come by and say hello.


Name: Lacey Seifert

Program: Criminology

Home Town: Brantford


So far, Lacey Seifert has really been enjoying her criminology classes. “I heard a lot of good things about the criminology course, because I know a few people in year three and year four and they really recommended it.” After graduating, she hopes to work in the criminal justice system as a parole officer. Aside from her interest in criminology, she also harbours a great love for animals.


Name: Kaitlyn Harman

Program: Social Work

Home Town: Kitchener


Kaitlyn Harman may be a freshman to Laurier, but is actually a transfer student from Brock University. After having left Brock, Harman fell in love with Laurier Brantford. She enjoyed O-week and tells us that the icebreakers this year were extremely helpful and overall amazing. “I never really believed it was community-oriented until frosh week … I’m totally comfortable here, when I wasn’t before.”


Name: Lynnae Brazeau

Program: Youth and Children’s Studies

Home Town: Ancaster


Lynnae Brazeau credits the small class sizes with being one of the main factors that brought her to Laurier Brantford. She also appreciated O-week, where she immediately hit it off with another girl that created an instant friendship already. “I really wanted to come here. After I went to [other university tours], I realized all of a sudden: this is the place for me to be.”


Name: Thomas Pollard

Program: History

Home Town: Barrie


Thomas Pollard decided to come to Laurier after hearing positive things about the school from a friend’s parents. Since starting classes, he has particularly enjoyed the kindness and good sense of humour of his professors. “The teachers are funny and nice.”


Name: Stephanie Boudreau

Program: Social Work

From: Québec


Stephanie Boudreau credits Laurier’s excellent Social Work program with bringing her to the campus. After graduating, she aspires to work in the prison system. “I want to help with the rehabilitation, getting inmates back into society in a positive way … I want to make it beneficial for them going back into society and not them coming back in because they can’t handle it.” 


Name: Alex Dinning

Program: Game Design and Development

Home Town: St. Catherine’s


Alex Dinning decided to forgo O-week in favour of catching up on some sleep, but has been enjoying his time in Brantford thus far. Before deciding to attend Laurier, he was scouted to play soccer for a school in Rochester, New York. “Well, it’s like the first year that they have the program here so I didn’t really have any expectations,” but Dinning explains his faith in Laurier being a really good school form what he has heard.


Name: Cristiana Couceiro

Program: Criminology

Home Town: Hamilton


Christiana Couceiro attributes her choice to attend Laurier Brantford to the Criminology program, and is very satisfied with this decision. She loves the freedom that comes with being a university student, and also enjoys singing in her spare time. The freedom you have … It’s different than high school for sure. It’s really different.”

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