Laurier Brantford provides Students Sexual Health Resources


Laurier Brantford’s Wellness Center provides many sexual health services to students, whether they need help with sexually transmitted infections, discussing sex or need support for a pregnancy.

“If students are registered, they have full services available to them, including sexual health screening and treatment, Paps, family planning, Plan Bs, and anything else they may need….We sell birth control for the cost to assist students who do not have coverage from their insurance provider and annual sexual health exams,” said Cindy Wood, Manager of Laurier Brantford’s Wellness Center, in an email. “If a student is pregnant we provide all options and support them in their choices.”

Wood expresses that everything involved in a test for an STI is completely covered by OHIP, although the blood test TO DETERMINE IF YOU HAVE HERPES TYPE 2 EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO SYMPTOMS called, “Herpes Simplex Serology Typing 1/2,” is not covered by OHIP, and costs about $150.

Students need to make an appointment, and they will have all the support they need from the staff at the Wellness Center.

“Student meets with RN and or Physician for the education counselling and then a decision is made on the type of exam requested.  STI testing can be done through swabs; students often self-swab, or through a urine test. All the tests are sent to the lab for analysis with results generally back within 24-48 hours,” said Wood. “Pending those results, if positive for an STI, the student will be informed and will require treatment, through the Wellness Centre, their own GP, Public Health, et cetera. The student may also receive a call from Public Health in the area of testing to ensure the student was treated and informed partners as this is a communicable disease.  In-depth testing (such as HIV and VDRL) requires blood work; however, we offer full-service lab here (blood work done on site).”

Students are urged to tell their peers about the services available at the Wellness Center. Wood explains that they do everything they can to let students know that assistance is available.

“We do as much advertising as possible,” said Wood, in an email. “Including LBTV screens, we have Peer Educators who run our information/education fairs, posters, a partnership with Brant County Health Unit Sexual Health team, attending fairs, weekly news advertising, word of mouth and I attend the orientation presentations, Headstart presentations [and more].”

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