L.B. clubs ready to kick off year

Laurier Brantford’s competitive clubs have completed their tryout process and are ready to kick off another year.  

 The Figure Skating Club is happy to start the new school year with 14 members, nine of them being new. Most of their new participants are first year students.  

The club is still new on campus with its four years of activity, but it’s growing.  

“Our club is a way for people who love figure skating to not lose touch with the sport, but also to end their day with something fun and enjoyable as our practices are at 10pm,” said Club President Brittani Chamberlain. 

Since last year, the members are competing in the adult state competition and they are hoping to continue this year.  

They are planning one major event: a pub night at Rockling’s. It will be an opportunity for the club to collect fundraising that would go towards the competition and the music. The date isn’t announced yet but it will hopefully happen during the first semester. 

Chamberlain is excited about the upcoming year.  

“It’s really cool to grow the club and setting it up for future years!”  

To stay in touch with Laurier Brantford Figure Skating Club, you can join them on their Facebook page: LB Figure Skating Club. 

Taking things back to dry land, the KAOS Dance Team is also ready to rock this year with 18 members — seven of them being new.   

“Our purpose is to give university students a place to continue their competitive dance career past the point of high school and get to compete to other schools,” said Nicole Clinton, co-captain of the team.  

The team will attend three competitions next March. 

The club has planned a lot of events this year including bake sales, a Boston Pizza fundraiser and a workshop at a dance studio in Woodstock.  

“The purpose of the fundraisers is to raise money for our team to be able to afford our costumes, our travels to competitions and our studio space that we rent Sunday evening,” said Clinton. 

The annual showcase of KAOS Dance Team will take place on Sunday Feb. 4. If you’d like to keep in touch with the club before the big day, you can follow them on Instagram: kaosdanceteam. 




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