International Women’s Day

March 8 marked the well-known International Women’s Day. This day held for over 100 years, recognizes the achievements and demands of women globally. The first Women’s day was held in 1909.

On this day, many groups and organizations are recognized in their efforts globally to enhance the lives of women and girls. These foundations help with anything from education and leadership seminars to the basic health and food needs that many women live without.

It has always been a struggle for women of any race, age or colour to gain equality in many aspects of life, not only in the workplace. According to a question board posted by the Globe and Mail, people have mixed views on International Women’s day. Some find it offensive and useless whereas others find it inspiring and a step in the right direction.

Donna Spagal a responder to the Globe and Mail said, “Today we honor the women that paved the way for change & embrace where we are today while inspiring girls for a better future.”

Brantford is host to a now annual Women’s Day event, which was located at the Best Western this year. For the fourth year in a row, Nova Vita – a domestic violence prevention service – has been a large contributor and sponsor of the women’s day events. They offer nominations for excellent women and with this anyone can recognize special or spectacular women in their life.

Women’s Day is in place to recognize the efforts and achievements of women all around the world. Laurier Brantford professor Catherine Stewart gave a talk about the history of International Women’s Day during a luncheon held in Brantford. Accompanying Stewart was a woman by the name of Shawna Marlay from Immigrant Settlement Services.

Through Nova Vita in Brantford, students were asked to volunteer for International Women’s Day with various things including a dinner.

Nova Vita is ‘dedicated to stopping the cycle of domestic abuse and promoting violence-free living.’ With equal awareness and an equal society, people can push for the changes or improvements they wish to see.

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