How to make the most of the LBYMCA

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Ever since it was built, the Laurier Brantford YMCA has been a focal point for the community and the student experience. 

“The facility is much more than just a fitness centre,” said Maya Vidovich, the Co-Rec Program student leader. “Not only can students utilize the gym, but they can also take advantage of the pool, double gymnasium, studios, fitness classes and the student lounge.” 

The LBYMCA is a facility made for the people and made to bring the community together here in Brantford. It offers tons of programs and classes for the public and students that most YMCAs wouldn’t. 

For students, the LBYMCA offers a double gym to play basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton and more. If you are not interested in playing games, then maybe the two-floor fitness centre will. The third floor consists strictly of weights, while the second floor consists of both weights and cardio equipment. 

“I like the third floor of the LBYMCA, which is the weightlifting room,” said Nia Maidens, Laurier Brantford student athlete. “We have many different types of equipment, as well as multiple of the same equipment, so people don’t have to wait as long to use the equipment.”  

The LBYMCA has more than just physical activity features. If you are a student who needs quiet time to study or relax, the LBYMCA fourth floor is only accessible to students, faculty and staff. It offers a study space called the Hawks’ Nest. To access this space, students will need their One Card to scan the screen inside the elevator and access the doors that lead to the study space. 

“The [LB]YMCA has had an amazing impact on the Laurier community by providing students with a place to workout, as well as a practice space for our sports’ teams,” said Vidovich. “It has become a safe space where students can interact with one another and build a community through sports and fitness.”  

A facility more than just a fitness centre is minutes down the street for students and for the community of Brantford. The LBYMCA looks to see new and returning faces every day and will strive to make an experience of a lifetime. 

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