How goes your summer workout

Summer beach bod season is upon us, but never fear, for some 2017-18 Laurier Brantford fitness instructors are here!

These lads are new to the team and bursting with exercise tips to get you through the sunny, bathing suit days. Exercising helps you to feel more confident and healthier both physically and mentally. Overall, the key is to stress less about your body image and simply feel good in your flesh . . . because according to Kellogg’s “Special K” commercials, when you feel good, you look great!

Tip #1: Shake it with some friends!

Meet Tyler Botelho, the INTERVAL TRAINING/TABATA instructor!

Being a key player for Laurier Brantford men’s varsity soccer squad and doing many intense workouts with the team, Botelho is expected to be an important member of this year’s instructor crew. One of his tips to Golden Hawks for the summer is to “move at your own speed and have fun with your fitness. Nothing passes the time better than shaking it with a bunch of motivated and positive peeps!”

Botelho encourages working out alongside a buddy or two, as it helps to keep motivated and get the job done. He is more than eager to start leading group sessions in the fall.

“I enjoy group fitness because it’s an amazing opportunity to let loose with a bunch of amazing people and it allows me to let out stress from my crazy school schedule,” he said. “Believe it or not, it makes me energized rather than tiring me out.”

Botelho’s goal as an instructor is “to create an environment full of laughter and positivity.”

“I encourage everyone to try new things and be excited to take a fitness break every once in a while,” he said.

Even though physical exercise is extremely important , it’s easy to forget that sometimes we need to slow down and take care of our muscles in other ways. Overworking your muscles is never okay, and a nice way to give them a healthy yet still active break is to do some yoga. Yoga is also great for rejuvenating your mind and soul, which is just as important as physical health.

Tip #2: Respect your muscles!

Meet Jenna Berseth, a new YOGA instructor!

The third year Social Work major is more than excited to share her yoga passion with Laurier.

She hopes to get more students involved in yoga sessions this year. One of the more common excuses people use to get out of doing yoga is that they are inflexible.

“I think that’s silly because that’s exactly why you should do yoga!” said Berseth. “Be patient with your body, don’t push yourself to the point of pain and don’t compare yourself to others.”

Yoga is largely about concentrating on proper form and posture. Berseth hopes to highlight this in her classes.

“People often sacrifice form for what they think is a deeper stretch. It is always a better stretch when you do it properly,” said Berseth.

Berseth says there are many helpful YouTube channels to follow if you’re interested in doing yoga in the comfort of your own home. Her favourite is Yoga by Candace. She also recommends Yoga with Adrienne.

“I love yoga not only for the physical benefits but also because it helps me stay calm and reduce anxiety,” she said.

According to Berseth, yoga is a great foundational practice that helps to stay active into older age, and is adjustable to people with many physical barriers.

In her classes, Berseth hopes to maintain an accepting atmosphere to help people gain confidence in their physical abilities and to provide students with an outlet to reduce stress and anxiety.

Tip #3 & 4: Relax with instrumental music and try some morning meditation!

Meet Emily Loewen, another YOGA instructor!

Loewen is going into her fifth year of Concurrent Education with the French teaching option.

She mentions that calming instrumental music is highly beneficial for yoga at any time. Apple Music and Spotify are full of effective yoga playlists.

Loewen also enjoys doing sun salutations to get energized for the day. Sun salutations are a sequence of morning stretches that are full of upper body breathing and movements.

“Meditation when you first wake up or go to bed helps to calm the mind too, which helps to give an extra boost of positive thinking,” she said.

Sun salutations can be as beneficial as morning coffee, and don’t forget to take advantage of the summer weather and do the practice outdoors! Use the time to get hyped for Loewen’s sessions in the fall.

“My goals as a fitness instructor are to provide a comfortable, inclusive environment for each and every person who attend my classes,” said Loewen. “I can’t wait to start in September!”




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