Hawks wrap up 2019-2020 season


Golden Hawks wrap up another remarkable dodgeball season with their last tournament on Feb. 6. 

Game one did not go so smoothly with Humber North in the lead at five and WLUB at zero. However, the golden hawks drastically turned the day around with a nail biting game against George Brown college. 

The golden hawks were neck-to-neck with George Brown college at three and WLUB at four. The third round of the day was against Humber Lakeshore. WLUB scored one point and Humber Lakeshore lead the game with six.

“There is a lot of passion on that team and they leave it all out on the court,”said Megan Jacklin, athletic coordinator, “it really was a pleasure to see such a talented team have fun despite the odds.”

Despite the ups and downs of the last tournament, the golden hawks advanced to the semifinals against Humber North again. The last round of the tournament resulted in one point for WLUB and five for North Humber.

There is a lot of passion on that team and they leave it all out on the court. Megan Jacklin, athletic coordinator for Brantford Athletics

Overall, the team was all smiles during the tournament. They had an incredible season with so much fun throughout all the good and nerve-wracking times. 

Marcus Shirley, team captain of the co-ed intramural dodgeball team, said that although they did not score the most points, they had the most fun and he really enjoyed working with such a great team.

“It always makes for a fun day out of the office to watch the athletes … dodgeball is definitely an entertaining sport,” said Jacklin.

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