HASSA Halloween Bash

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The Human and Social Sciences Students Association (HASSA) had its first event, a “Halloween Bash” on Friday 28th October 2022 in the One Market Level 1 Lounge. 

Fairies and princesses, fallen angels and vampires, the Halloween-themed costume party attracted students from all faculties and both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses. 

There were trivia and contests among other activities and spooky-themed food for students to enjoy. Many students appreciated the Lilo and Stitch couple’s costume and vampire costumes. 

Het Patel, User Experience Design stated, “I really enjoyed myself. You could [play] different games and paint pumpkins which I’ve never done before… it went way beyond my expectations.”

Dressed as Maleficent, Maham Wyne, Criminology, President of HASSA, said “We wanted to have a larger event to kick off the year. We didn’t get the opportunity to have a lot of events especially these past few years.” 

For the future, Wyne said “We’re working on holiday themed events, [possibly] working with the Food Bank or a charity for the holidays, where people get time to come together during the holidays, spend time together and also have it for a good cause,”

Mirabella Bellovia, Vice President of Events of HASSA Inspired by the singer Aaliyah. Vice President, Sandra Nunes dressed as a fallen angel. The executives were interested in promoting campus life especially students who have never previously been on campus. 

“You really have to do your own research to find all the social media pages to get involved this year. As much as its advertised, it’s not school-wide advertising,” said Bellovia.

Putting a spin on Norse mythology, Alyssa Dinkel, President of the psychology student’s association, dressed as a dark version of Freya, Thor’s mother. She stated that she was looking forward to “celebrating and seeing people I don’t often get to see and just enjoy the spirit of Halloween.”

Visiting from the Waterloo campus, Jonathan Goodman, Political science, stated that he enjoyed both the event, interacting with other students and visiting the campus. He stated that he would like Brantford and Waterloo to connect more often.

As one of the executives of Golden Hawk Gaming, one of the club’s goals is to have multi-campus events. “The campuses aren’t connected at all right now. They’re entirely separate. [There should be] a harder push for one Laurier instead of two campuses.”

Many students expressed their interest in future HASSA events.  

“We’re definitely trying this year to have more in-person invents and get the hype going again,” hoped Wyne.


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