From newsroom to bedroom: The Expositor Place residence

With more new students coming in every year it has become a struggle for Laurier Brantford to house them all. Fortunately this September will see students moving into a brand new residence building.

Expositor Place was formerly known as the Expositor building, which had housed the Brantford expositor for 115 years until it moved to a new location two years ago. The building has been refurbished and expanded from the ground up. While the original façade and lettering have been preserved the expansion to the building will largely feature a glass exterior.

When completed, the building should house over 200 students and will hold retail space on the ground floor. With the building owned by Vicano construction, Laurier will just be leasing out the space, at least for the time being.

Students moving in can expect the same apartment style suites found in all Laurier Brantford residences. The building will also feature meeting rooms and an internal courtyard beginning on the ground floor and going all the way up to the top of the building.

The project has received beaming reviews form community members. Local heritage groups are pleased that the historic exterior of the building has been preserved while local business owners and city council members are excited by the additional retail space that the building will bring to the downtown core.

Of course Students and university staff are thrilled to have new residence space at their disposal. In addition to the Athenian residence acquired by Laurier last year, the university now has a total of nine residence buildings housing hundreds of first year students in over a dozen different residence communities.

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