Emergency sex playlist

Whether it’s during Netflix and chill, or coming home after a successful date, we all know that steamy moment that transitions from a teen rated make-out to a run, no, sprint to home base. The path there can be tricky with interruptions from curious pets, roommates knocking on the door inquiring about that bed squeaking sound or even the unforgiving awkward silence. Here is a remedy to combat against all of those unwanted situations. Listen to these tunes to play to help you and your partner get in the mood.

  1. “Make it Wit Chu” – Queens of the Stone Age                                                                Okay, this song is a classic sex song. With a simple mention of intention to score, Josh Homme’s soft voice whispering lyrics like, “I wanna make it wit chu, anytime, anywhere” is sure to get hearts racing. Genre: Alternative Rock.
  2. “Redbone” – Childish Gambino                                                                                        Gambino made a comeback with Awaken, My Love! Its current stance is a hybrid of Prince vocals with Funkadelic’s aura. “Redbone” is the sixth song off the album and oozes sex appeal. Genre: R&B, Soul, Funk.
  3. “My Boo-Flume” ( feat. Vince Staple, Kucka, Ngaiire)                                                    This is more of an upbeat song however, it’s lyrically sweet and needed a mention. This is a cover of the “My Boo” by Ghost Town Dj’s. However, this version brings a refreshing sound to the timeless song. Genre: Electronic, Pop.
  4. “Foldin’ Clothes”- J. Cole                                                                                                        Another sweet tune from J. Cole’s latest album, 4 Your Eyez Only. Its groovy and gets the atmosphere just right. Genre: Hip-Hop.
  5. “Pony” – Ginuwine                                                                                                                         This one had to be added in, it’s a classic. No matter how many times it has been overplayed, its very direct lyrics are not shy. If it isn’t the lyrics that get the setting steamy, girls and guys will be thinking of Magic Mike as soon as this tune plays, which is a plus. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. Genre: R&B, Oldies.

So, when in doubt put on any of these songs and enjoy the ride.

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